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Nicky (but you can call me Nick or Patrick or Patri, idc), 19 yrs old, NC/USA, he/him or they/them pronouns
This was originally made to host my own fanfiction, but I slowly realized that I could just as well use this as a journal of sorts (or a place to rant, let's be completely honest). So now it is a place where I put both personal entries as well as my own creative works.
Feel free to talk! I don't bite!

(p.s. I have a LiveJournal under the same username, so if you see that, that's me! I crosspost everything on here to that!)

[for now, everything on here will be available to the public, but in the event that I must restrict access to posts, you'll know. I recommend you track/subscribe to me now while I'm still public!]

Shows I've Been To (because I enjoy talking abt that):

Prince - sometime in 1997, doesn't exactly count because I wasn't actually born yet, but it's fun to think about.

Fall Out Boy - July 2014/July 2015, a.k.a the best two nights of my life. I met the band at the 2015 date!!

frnkiero andthe cellabration - March/June 2015, met Frank Iero both times, I now own a signed CD and a poster! (as well as a shirt with young Frank that I love very much)

Clean Bandit - June 2015

The Griswolds/Magic Man - April 2016, met all of the opener band Panama Wedding as well as all of The Griswolds.

Warped Tour 2016 - July 2016, met Real Friends, Tonight Alive, and Mayday Parade.

Cute Is What We Aim For - September 2016, met almost the whole band.

Seaway, Moose Blood, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, & The Wonder Years - November 2016, met 3/5ths of Real Friends again (talked to Dan for a long while), and Joe from Knuckle Puck.

twenty one pilots - February 2017

Saint Motel, Misterwives, & Panic! At The Disco [touched hands with Brendon] - April 2017

Bastille - May 2017
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